Needed a place to go

Early in December, I decided I wanted to go on a local hike instead of doing my normal monthly street photography shoot. This would also not be my normal landscape photography shoot.

So, during an early Saturday morning, my wife and loaded up the car and headed over to Andres Institute of Art. This was a place that she and my daughter had been to once in the past while I was working.

Andres Institute of Art - Metal Sculpture
Andres Institute of Art – Metal Sculpture

One thing that was immediately clear was the fact that this place was going to have a lot of interesting pieces of art throughout the entire place. On a side note as well, Andres Institute of Art is located on an old ski mountain in Brookline, New Hampshire. Knowing that, I might go back to photograph some of the old relics that are still kicking around.

As you will see in the pictures below, the art was extremely varied. In some cases I was confused, but was mostly blown away by the level of work that went into a lot of the pieces of art.

If you take your time, I think you could spend the entire day at this place without ever seeing the same thing twice.

Andres Institute of Art - Metal TV Structure
Andres Institute of Art – Metal TV Structure

The Future

This will probably the only random photography project that I do throughout the 2019 year. With the Abandoned New England project, I will be doing a more focused learning landscape project that I will talk about more in my next post.

Maybe I’ll come back to Andres Institute of Art when I have an art club project requiring a specific subject, but it won’t be anything that I would write about here.

With that said, I hope everyone enjoyed the pictures and stay tuned for what I believe will be a much more focused 2019 as I get our content more focused/streamlined.


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