Fighting for the reward

Like anything good, working hard for something is very rewarding in the end. A winter hike to Livermore, New Hampshire is no exception.

Although I am in southern New Hampshire, I did base my hike a bit on what my local conditions were along with keeping an eye on what the weather had been doing up north.

What I arrived to was very unexpected concerning the amount of snow that blanketed this area of our state. The roads had some ice and snow on them, but the woods and trails had an amazing amount of snow on them.

Granted I had packed extra items just in case there was more snow than I was expecting, which turned out to be a good decision in the end.

Saw Mill - Livermore NH
Saw Mill – Livermore NH

The Trail

Hitting the trail with my gear in tow, Livermore, New Hampshire was going to greet me with one-degree Fahrenheit temperatures and snow that went up to my waist (I am roughly six feet tall).

When I took my first step to the embankment to make my way to the first foundation and wall, the true depth of the snow slammed right into me, thus reminding me that mountain weather was very different.

Interesting, when I was planning out the trip to Livermore, I had scripted out what I wanted to discuss in my video and shots that I wanted to achieve. The snow depth really cured that “problem” and I was forced to improvise and re-think the shots and pictures I wanted to get.

Unknown object in snow - Livermore NH
Unknown object in snow – Livermore NH

Second Thoughts

Before I had left my house, the weather up north was predicting 35mph winds, but sunny skies. We were in the midst of a serious cold snap, so this weather report was giving me second thoughts. In the end (as you can see) I decided to go anyways.

The trail to Livermore consisted of a sled trail so it was groomed and packed down, making my trip to the ghost town much easier. To my surprise, I had hardly any winds to contend with and blue skies all around. With the sun hammering down, it helped offset the cold temperatures (along with the many layers of clothes I wore as well).

Since I was dealing with a lot of snow, a lot of my time was spent packing snow down so I could safely move to a new area. As such, I probably only got about ten percent of what the Livermore, New Hampshire ghost town has to offer, prompting me to decide that a return visit is in order.

Power House Chimney - Livermore NH
Power House Chimney – Livermore NH

Will Return

Although I was happy with the photographs that I took and being in the area with pretty harsh cold and snowy conditions, I got to appreciate those that had to live in these conditions. It had a certain mystic and ruggedness that Livermore gave to its residents.

So, I will be back probably in the fall before snow cover hits and I’ll truly give this place the photographing and discussion that it truly deserves.

Till then, it will be there waiting for many visitors to stop and admire what our ancestors had to deal with.

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