It is always a happy and sad moment when I finish photographing something, especially when I have had a good time. This was one of those events where I was out all day photographing and then I wondered where the day went because I was out so long.

In this case, I was out filming and recording Russell-Abbott State Forest with the main focus that I photograph the old starch mill that is located on the property.

With what little information that I can find about it, the last crop was processed in 1852 before the sons converted it into a saw mill of sorts. If you want to learn a bit more about the starch mill, then feel free to read up on it here:

I believe the photographs came out pretty decent, the only regret is that I didn’t film all parts of the old foundation. In the video I do comment on the fact that I didn’t film a piece because it was too overgrown. That mistake will not be made in the future.

Wandering through the forest was a blast and I came across another foundation that I wasn’t expecting. It might have been an old house foundation, but I am not 100% sure. Also, I wish that I was able to film the pond a bit better. In this case, I should have brought a wide-angle lens to use (or one wider than the 50mm I was using) and maybe a lens filter as well to help cutdown on the light.

Photographing the swamp area was also very fun. When I am out wandering around I never know when something will catch my eye, which causes the camera to start firing away. For this type of photography that I took, the 50mm absolutely excelled.

A personal challenge I gave myself was to only bring one lens for my Sony (which also cut down the weight) so that I would be forced to better frame my shots. Yes, a couple times I wished I had different lens, but now I know what I need for the future.

If you want to see the full journey, check out the YouTube video to see everything that occurred. As a parting word, my goal each month is to focus on three different types of photography. I am hoping to do some street photography, landscape photography and photographing the past.

So stick with me on this journey and remember “be learning.”


GPX Tracks of the journey: