Site News

So for those that may be coming to this site, you have may have noticed a few changes across the last few months.

First, I decided to move my site to be hosted on a server I can control. One of the problems I had when being hosted at Smugmug is that I couldn’t write the story that went with the pictures. Although they provided a good service, it didn’t have everything I wanted.

Next up is that I worked on compressing the images so that they were a bit more web friendly. Quality might be down a bit, but I think it should provide for a better viewing experience.

Another bit of house keeping I did was move most of the galleries that I felt worth saving back to being hosted here.

In another bit of news I am working on an Instagram post per day for one year. Hoping this will help my photography and at least keeps my skills fresh. At the very least it forces me to look at the world to find something interesting.

Again, thank you for sticking around while I do a bit of house keeping and stay tuned since I plan on doing a gallery post every month from pictures I took the previous year.