When I decided that one of the areas I wanted to focus on was street photography, I knew one of the cities I wanted to wander around in was Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Now after wandering aimlessly around the city, I will be back to photograph more of it.

Portsmouth has that old city quality that I am looking for and it is easy to get to. I am fairly sure I can visit the city a lot and not run out of things to photograph.

Most of the street photographers that I researched seemed to have their “base” city to photograph and this place is mine.

During my wandering around, I didn’t have a set theme on what I wanted to capture. I have been to Portsmouth numerous times over the years, but I had mostly stayed near the shopping/restaurant areas and never really explored much else.

One of the great things that I have noticed as I pushed very hard to expand my photography skills are the new places that it has taken me so far. Seeing parts of the Portsmouth and just the act of wandering aimlessly has been amazing.

It goes without saying that my skills need to improve, but like anything that I have tried, I just need to keep doing it and not giving up. Probably for future visits to Portsmouth, now that I have a general idea on what the city truly offers, I’ll create some themes to give myself some focus.

Thank you everyone for checking out this month’s street photography. Next month it’ll be slightly different type of street photography, before I make several return trips to Portsmouth.